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Born in 1981 to Cuban immigrants, Pitbull grew to become an international music icon. He was nicknamed Mr Worldwide. Online gambling for real money at He was raised by a single mum after his parents fell apart. Pitbull always had a love for music, especially rap music, starting rapping while in high school. When asked who was his inspiration, he was quick so say the legendary Nas. Pitbull found his success when he met up with Lil John. Pitbull started out by appearing on Miami mixtapes. Lil John helped Pitbull get his album M.I.A.M.I out and selling. Pitbull's next two albums did not do as well as he wanted and his record label was running out of business. This prompted him to release his hit song "I Know You Want Me". His next song "Hotel Room Service" and "DJ Got Us Falling In Love" was a success too. "Give Me Everything" hit number one in high ranked charts all over the world. In 2012 Pitbull went ahead to make an album called "Global Warming". In the album, he had collaborations which huge artists such as Christina Aguilera. He also had a song with Kesha called Timber. All these songs were number one in the US, UK and other countries too. The Miami rapper had secured his place in the pop industry. In 2012 he made the smash hit "Time Of Our Lives" with the very famous singer Ne-Yo. The song is said to have helped Ne-Yo make a come back. In early 2014, Mr Worldwide released a single titled "Wild Wild Love," which featured a girl group. The song was ranked at number 30 on the Billboard pop chart. He later released his eighth album Globalisation in which he featured artists such as Chris Brown. He made an album in his native language and won a Grammy at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. It was Pitbull's first Grammy win. The album got to number one on Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart which is quite an achievement.

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